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 Hi I am Quinlan, the founder of Fit Mint & Mint Media. In 2018 the first bit of marketing we ever payed for with Fit Mint went towards producing a video to feature our first product, a relaxed fitting rashguard that fighters could both train in, but also wear casually. We loved the video as it not only displayed detailed shots of the tee, but we also captured the martial arts lifestyle in a succinct 1 minute video. It was the perfect first impression for new customers entering our site to learn more about what the hybrid tee was made for. I wanted this to be the first of many Fit Mint videos, and I knew it was unrealistic to budget thousands of dollars for videographers every time we had a new product to announce. So I set down the path to teach myself the art of filming and editing cinematic videos. 

  As Fit Mint enters it's fourth year in business video is virtually our sole method of marketing and the number one way we connect with our customers.

   Every video since the original was filmed, graded, and edited by me! I have also gone on to help fellow brands like Sauri Running, Culprit Underwear, and Madelife create their own epic videos which you can watch linked below. I understand what it takes for a video to move the needle for your brand because I am a small business owner myself.

I am a one man wolf pack of movie magic specializing in...

Detailed Product Video

Striking Aerials

And Original Video Concepts 


If you are interested in collaborating on a video project please call or text 720-438-1046 

 A few of my favorite past projects can be found in this playlist:

And Here!!


(FAA commercially licensed drone pilot)


Thank you for your interest!